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BG is investing into new technology to provide greater insights into the world of muscles.

About the Opportunity

Springbok Analytics offers a cutting-edge, scientifically validated muscle AI analytics platform with wide-ranging applications in life sciences, sport, and health. Their advanced 3D AI technology provides current and predictive analysis of muscles in the body, applicable for elite athletes, sports professionals, physiotherapists, people with dsiabilities, the elderly and more, to maintain their muscle health new and into the future.

Springbok Analytics was discovered through the FSHD GLobal Foundation, which is focused on giving life to muscles. This unique access is why this opportunity is available today.

At a Glance

Company: BG Medical Ai Syndicate

Manager: Boston Global

Sector: Medical Tech

Geography: United States of America

Investment Period: Initial term of 5 years

Minimum Investment: US$500k

Structure: Unit Trust

Investors Eligibility: Professional or Sophisticated (S708) Investors Only

Target Equity Raise: U$5.5m

LVR Operating: 0%

Application Fee: 1%

Fees: 1% pa with a performance fee of 20% over a hurdle of 10%


BG Medical AI One Page

BG Medical AI Data Room

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