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Syndicate - Fast Food Asia - Closes 31 August 2023

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Fast Food Asia Syndicate (FFA) will purchase up to 15% of KFC Korea in a 100% Equity buyout with other international investors for USD$54m. FFA will co-own the rights to KFC Korea, and own 193 direct stores and 106 employees in the HQ.

A T A G L A N C E Company: BG Fast Food Asia Manager: Boston Global Sector: Quick Service Fast Food Geography: South Korea Investment Period: Initial term of 5 years Minimum Investment: USD$500k Structure: Unit Trust Investors Eligibility: Professional or Sophisticated (S708) Investors Only Target Equity Raise: USD$9.8M (inc $850k) Target Returns: 41.42% IRR LVR Operating: 0% Application Fee: 1.5% Fees: 2% with a performance fee of 20% over a hurdle of 6%

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