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Syndicate - BG CBD Office

Opportunistic purchases in Australian CBD

Image by Yong Chuan Tan
Image by Yong Chuan Tan

About the Opportunity

Boston Global is identifying commercial prpoerties within the CBD locations of Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. Taking advantage of current market conditions BG looks to syndicate these opportunities. BG is looking to purchase 5 properties over the next five years in stand-alone syndicates, and looks to provide an exit opportunity or hold forever strategy.

It is anticipated that most properties will be bought at a lower grade and repositioned. This will allow the syndicate to benefit from a value-add approach, as well as allowing the syndicate to benefit from acquiring assets in a potentially depressed office market.

At a Glance

Company: BG CBD Property

Manager: BG Benevento

Geography: Australia

Period: Initial term of 5 years

Minimum Investment: $500k

Structure: Unit Trust Investors

Eligibility: Professional or Sophisticated (S708) Investors Only

Target Equity Raise: Minimum $100m

LVR Operating: 50%

Application Fee: 0%

Fees: 2% pa with a performance fee of 20% over a hurdle of 10%


Image by Laura Cros

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