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BG Secondary Syndicate is investing into pre-IPO shares in an Australian Unicorn.

About the Opportunity

An opportunity has presented itself to purchase secondary shares for a total value of USD$15m at a discounts of 20% at the previous valuation of USD$5.6b. Airwallex has raised a total of USD$900m of funding since 2015 in private and difficult to obtain raises. It is anticipated that that an IPO onthe NASDQ will occur by 2026. In 2023, Airwallex founder Jack Zhang indicated the goal of being IPO-ready within a two-year timeframe, AFR.


These shares are available as a Seed investors is looking to exit to redeploy funds into a new opportunity.

At a Glance

Company: BG Secondary Syndicate 2

Manager: BG Benevento

Sector: FinTech

Geography: Global

Investment Period: Initial term of 5 years

Minimum Investment: US$500k

Structure: Unit Trust

Investors Eligibility: Professional or Sophisticated (S708) Investors Only

Target Equity Raise: U$5.5m

LVR Operating: 0%

Application Fee: 1%

Fees: 1% pa for the first year and 0.5% each following year, with a performance fee of 20% over a hurdle of 10%



BG Secondary Syndicate One Page

BG Scondary 2 Data Room

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