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Our Story

DCCM is a boutique consultancy established in 2018 and based in Sydney’s business district. We are an in-house team with a broader network of experts seeking to make a positive, measurable and sustainable contribution to both our clients and their businesses. At the heart of what we do, we pursue the betterment of the wider community.

We offer two primary services.

Business Advisory

We look for opportunities where founders are leveraging their skills, knowledge and technology to create a clear competitive advantage and to disrupt their industry. 

Capital Raising Preparation

In capital raising, we work with early and growth-stage founders, looking for raises of $1m+. Through this, we leverage a network of companies and individuals to establish meetings and achieve the funding necessary. 

We measure our success

by the success of our clients.

Meet the Team

A varied and vocationally diverse bunch, we value transparency, hard work and a good result.




David is the Director of DCCM Australia, his experience ranges from Government (DoJ), non-profit (Rotary), start-ups (Future Perfect) and private consulting. David aims to ensure that his clients become more confident, knowledgeable, having been equipped to develop their business over the long term and  strategically stay ahead of the pack. David excels at finding the best way to streamline and create efficiencies in each business he works with.



Communications Manager

Lucy ensures that our client's stories are told with colour and clarity. She has experience working in marketing agencies, think tanks, film and television. Her skills in storytelling and communication are ideal in helping to bring the aspirations of clients to fruition. 



China Consultant

Hamish is our man on the ground in China. Originally from New Zealand, Hamish has over 30 year's work experience in the oil industry with Chevron managing a multitude of functions in multiple countries. Hamish is fluent in Mandarin working from our office at the Pingshan innovation lab located in the Shenzhen district.



Investor Relations

Tashi is our head of investor relations, located in our Sydney office. With years of experience running events and raising funds in both non-profit and for-profit sectors, as well as a keen understanding of the needs of investors, has made her invaluable when matching companies with investment.




Ben provides overall support to our team as studies Commerce at Wollongong University. Ben works closely with our stakeholders to help service their needs, he supports the management team by providing regular reports and administration function.


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