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Syndicate - BG Space Tech

BG is investing into new technology built along side U.S. Space Force requirements of enhancing lunar intelligence and develop cybernetic autonomy capabilities for U.S. Space Force's satellites.

About the Opportunity

This technology provides cybernetic autonomy to spacecraft by providing a deterministic expert-system that allows for the spacecraft to independently navigate deep space purely based on observations in the space environment (stars, planets, asteroids, etc.). This proprietary cybernetic autonomy capability provides high-intelligence value to the USSF/IC by enabling a cybernetic constellation of stealth satellites in cislunar space to ensure U.S. dominance in the Earth-Moon system.

At a Glance

Company: BG Space Tech

Manager: Boston Global Sector: Space

Geography: United States of America Investment

Period: Initial term of 5 years

Minimum Investment: US$500k

Structure: Unit Trust Investors

Eligibility: Professional or Sophisticated (S708) Investors Only

Target Equity Raise: US$2.5 to $5.5m

LVR Operating: 0%

Application Fee: 1%

Fees: 2% pa with a performance fee of 20% over a hurdle of 8%


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